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App Funnels and Forms Built In Minutes

Data-Defined UI+UX

Automatically generate UI flows by just defining the required data. The built-in renderers will handle the rest. As your needs grow, use your own UI frameworks or build custom Actions.

Optimize conversions

Experiment with your flow by easily re-arranging or adding sub-steps. Users automatically advance when the data exists or can be obtained via database or API queries.

Made for portability

Built with the safety and portability of Rust. The runtime can be hosted on either clients or servers. All examples on this page are run locally in your browser via WebAssembly.

A Simple Funnel

This user registration flow uses HTMLFormAction for all steps. The HTML form generated gets the data to fulfill the corresponding Step. For more customization, use your own CSS and JavaScript.


Bring Your Own UI

For a richer experience, we've replaced the basic HTMLForm form with pages that have been built with ReactJS, Material UI and React Router. The uriStringTemplate action provides the route and escapes strings to be used in URLs.


Automatic experimentation

Randomize flow ordering reliably using existing data dependencies to test what converts best.